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I am a Programme Officer at Longview Philanthropy, where I manage a portfolio of grants in research funding and international policy.

I earned my PhD in Philosophy from Rutgers University—New Brunswick, where I worked on issues in moral philosophy, moral psychology, legal philosophymechanism design, and politics

I'm a Research Affiliate at the Legal Priorities Project, and previously held fellowships with the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research and the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Department of Bioethics.

My co-edited collection, The Long View: Essays on Policy, Philanthropy, and the Long-term Future, is now available in PDF and on Amazon Kindle. Hardback copies of the book are also available upon request.


OECD Counsellor for Strategic Foresight Duncan Cass-Beggs writes that the book "is a mind-expanding exploration of the moral and political case for longer-term thinking, and a valuable contribution to global dialogue on the public policy choices needed to protect humanity’s future."

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