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    Board of Directors

    Mexican animal rights organization providing training and education to activists and citizens from an antispeciesist and interconnected theoretical framework and praxis.

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    EA Global

    Expert Advisor

    Biannual gathering of the effective altruism community. I assist with identifying and choosing speakers for two annual international conferences.

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    External Reviewer

    Nonprofit researching the most cost-effective ways to help nonhuman animals. Reviewer on some foundational statements and research documents, guest writer

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    Blog Post

    Moving Beyond Meat in Philosophy

    Blog post with Carolina Flores on why and how philosophy can become a meat-free discipline.

  • Fundraising

    Philosophers Against...

    Co-organized two international fundraisers with three other grad students. In December 2016, twenty-five philosophy departments participate in Philosophers Against Malaria, raising $57,496 for the Against Malaria Fund. In December 2017, thirty-eight philosophy departments participated in Philosophers Against Factory Farming and raised $52,785 for The Humane League.

  • Talks

    On Advocacy and Effective Altruism

    I talk to student groups and advocacy groups about animal advocacy, effective altruism, and institutions for future generations. Recently I've spoken at Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Rutgers, Texas State, and Effective Altruism Global. Watch my 2018 EA Global talk on animal rights and the long-term and my 2020 EA Global talk on political short-termism.

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