Chimpanzee Rights (with other philosophers)
Routledge, 2018

Previously an amicus brief cited in NhRP v Lavery


"Empowering Future People by Empowering the Young?" 

Ageing Without Ageism? Conceptual Puzzles and Policy Proposals, eds. Greg Bognar and Axel Gosseries (OUP), forthcoming

"Longtermist Institutional Reform" (with William MacAskill)

The Long View, ed. Natalie Cargill (FIRST), forthcoming

"Consequentialism and Nonhuman Animals" (with Jeff Sebo)

The Oxford Handbook of Consequentialism, ed. Douglas Portmore (OUP), forthcoming

"First-come, First-served?" (with Joseph Millum)

Ethics, 2020

“How to Allocate Scarce Health Resources without Discriminating against People with Disabilities” (with Joseph Millum and David Wasserman)

Economics and Philosophy, 2017

Cited by the National Council on Disability

“In Defense of Animal Universalism” (with Shawn Graves and Blake Hereth)

Paradise Understood: New Philosophical Essays about Heaven, eds. Ryan Byerly and Eric Silverman (OUP), 2017

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